Waiting Families

Wodea & Two Children

Wodea has two sons, Dawit, 13 years and Mentesnot , 6 years old. Wodea supports her family by washing clothes in their village. Her income is not enough to cover her family's basic needs.

Himanot and Child

Himanot is 22 year old mother of one child, Heloyem. Himanot lives with HIV. She supports Heloyem by collecting food and recyclable materials from the trash dump. She is in urgent need of sponsorship.

Hyeruse, Azmeraw and Child

Hyeruse and Azmeraw have a one year old daughter, Meseret.  Azmeraw, is crippled and cannot walk or work. Hyeruse has had to resort to begging to provide food and shelter for their family. Your prayers and sponsorship are vital to this desperate family. Please consider sponsoring this family to give them hope and to help them rebuild their life.

Worknishe and Two Children

Worknishe is a beggar. Her husband is a daily laborer but his income is not enough to provide food and shelter for their family of four. Both parents have HIV, and are frequently unable due to their poor health. The children’s names are Serawdenke, 6 year old, and Hana 18 months old. Your support will bring needed relief to this family, providing food and healthcare.

Birkey and Two Children

Birkey is a 35 years old widow and a mother of two children, Alazare, 15 year old son and Kalkidan, 18 month old daughter. Birkey's begs to provide food and shelter for her children. Please consider partnering with Project Give Five to change their lives forever.

Yitaishe and Child

Yitaishe is a 20 years old widow, and a mother of one child, Bayea, 5 year old son. Yitaishe  works hard to be a good mom for her son. Yitaishe is unable to send Bayea to kindergarten as she cannot afford school supplies and a uniform. Yitaishe has resorted to begging on the street to provide food and shelter for her and her son. Your sponsorship can make an impact in the life of this family.

Selam and Child

Selam is a young widow raising her little boy, Abraham. She is a very good mother but her earning capacity is low. She washing clothes and cleans homes in her neighborhood, but her income is not enough to meet their needs. She struggles to provide food and shelter. Your help will change this family's life and give them hope for a future.

Hinalem & Two Children

Hinalem is 55 year old widow.  Since her husband passed away she has taken on the family responsibilities. She works hard to help her two children. Her son, 22 year old son, Moges, has epilepsy and struggles with mental illness.  Hinalem also provides for her daughter, Adunga, and her 18 month old granddaughter.  Hinalem's children have never been to school due to their severe poverty and Moges'  health issues. Hinalem tries to support her family by begging on the street.  This family desperately needs help. 

Melese, Miseret & Two Children

Miseret is a mother of two children, Zekarias, 6 year old boy and Dawit, 2 year old boy. Miseret has no job as she cares for her small children. Her husband, Melese, works as a daily labor, but is not able to fully provide for his family. This family deserves an opportunity to better their lives.  Sponsorship would be that bridge to hope for this family.

Ahinadise and Child

Ahinadise's husband abandoned her when she was pregnant. Ahinadise begs to try to keep her three month old child, Bedlu. She struggles to pay the $16 rent for her one room home. She and her child are often hungry and are at risk of becoming homeless. Your sponsorship will truly change their lives.

Kidest & Child

Kidest is a 20 -year-old single mother of a 10 month old daughter.  Kidest's husband abandoned her and their daughter.  Kidest  has struggled to find a job that brings in enough income to pay for rent and food.  She currently roasts Kolo( barley) and sells it, but the profit margin is very low. Sponsorship through Project give 5 will help her rebuild her life and give her hope for a brighter future.