About Us

About Project Give Five

The concept of Project Give Five was born during a mission trip to Ethiopia. This is when we first were introduced to the trash dump community of Korah. This village was home to the poorest of the poor, it’s residents primarily those with leprosy, HIV and other third world diseases.

Many people hear these tragic stories and feel called to help; however, the commitment of a $35-50 monthly sponsorship is too much of a financial burden. But what if – just maybe – we could get MORE people to give – but only asked for a $5 monthly commitment? Could we make a difference in others lives merely by asking for people to substitute one latte per month for a donation?

The answer became clear: Yes, we could. And we are.


Our Mission

We invite you to join us on our mission: To empower impoverished families, breaking the cycle of poverty. What does that really mean? We want to help all families, in any way we can, wherever we can.


Core Values and Beliefs

  • We believe giving is better than receiving.
  • We believe it is not our skin color that matters, but our hearts.
  • We believe all of God's children deserve food, shelter and an education.
  • We believe we are blessed more than those we bless when ...we give of our time, talents, and financial blessings.
  • We believe every child should know what a parent's love feels like.
  • We believe where you are born should not dictate the opportunities you are afforded.
  • We believe God has a plan for every life.
  • We believe love knows no distance.
  • We believe safe drinking water is a necessity, not a luxury.
  • We believe love prevails.
  • We believe that Project Give Five can change lives.


Who We Are

We are a board of all volunteers, called to give of our time, talents and financial blessings to make a difference in the lives of as many people as we are able to. These are our stories:


Heidi Odegaard | Founder
Although my business card reads Project Give Five Founder, I know in my heart that God is the true founder of Project Give Five. His plan for this organization became apparent to me after traveling to Korah, a trash dump community in Ethiopia. I have been a licensed social worker for 19 years and have always had a "bleeding heart" for the least of these but God has really stretched me this past year to see the bigger picture and to not only help others locally but to help others globally. I want my children to have a worldview and to have a heart for others. That worldview influence needs to start at home with my husband and me. I believe it is important for our children to realize not all children are blessed as they are simply because of where they were born. Our mission trip to Ethiopia opened our eyes to the desperate needs around the world and we cannot pretend we have not seen the devastating way in which others live.


Melissa Rogne
When I first heard about Project Give 5, I was immediately inspired by the concept that anyone – no matter how much they feel they have to give – can make a difference in the world.  When I was asked to be on the board, I did not have to think twice. As a busy mom and business owner, I had become very selfish with my time. I was blessed with many gifts but not sharing these gifts with others. Project Give 5 has become my opportunity to share my blessings – my time, my talents and my passion – improving the lives of others.



Julie Thorstad
I am honored and privileged to be a board member for Project Give Five.   As a social worker of more than 25 years working with children and families Project Give Five's mission statement, values and vision resonate with me.  This project has opened my eyes to the extreme needs of our world neighbors.  I also believe by collectively banding together we can make a difference to help end the devastation of global poverty for God's children.  I am excited to be a part of the development of such an important and worthwhile project. 



Kristen Grueneich
I had a wonderful opportunity to travel to Ethiopia on a missions trip in January of 2014 and loved helping and serving the people there. It was a life changing experience for me. I am really excited to work with this great group of women who are committed to helping and serving those in need here in our community and across the world! 





Laurie Wigtil
I have been extremely blessed and have been yearning for a meaningful way to share all that God has given me. When I learned about Project Give Five and was invited to sit on the Board, I was thrilled. The mission of Project Give Five is inspiring and one that I am pleased to be a part of.